Avast Ultimate Antivirus: Review and Main Features

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Today, the problem of protecting personal computers, and the information stored on them from intruders is acute. The most popular tools used by cybercriminals are ransomware viruses. They are easy to write and can be spread in a variety of ways, such as infected sites or files, vulnerabilities in email clients, or operating systems. In the spring of 2017, ransomware viruses affected not only large organizations but also ordinary users in many countries. And if companies have special departments for information protection, then users need to monitor the security of home computers on their own. According to the analytical report, committed cyberattacks are numerous. Antivirus tools will help to protect yourself from possible encryption of important files. This class of protection has gone beyond the simple fight against viruses, providing users with a wide range of other functions to protect information.

Avast Antivirus system requirements

Avast Antivirus is also available for iOS and Android users. Even though the antivirus does not require a large number of computer resources, it has an automatic mode that allows you to turn off any notifications from the Windows operating system and Avast products. Such a solution will be useful for users who often play on their computers, as it allows freeing up a maximum of computing resources.

Avast Antivirus Installation

Avast Antivirus’s main aim is to create protection against various Internet threats. The installation process is rather simple and can be done even by the inexperienced user. All system vulnerabilities can be scanned and eliminated in advance.

Endpoint Protection protects workstations from malware, scans their system at boot time, and runs silently. Avast Ultimate Antivirus version additionally includes the firewall and spam blocking for corporate mail. Separate products are provided for securing file and mail servers. Packaged solutions are offered for comprehensive protection of the working network. Each version includes the installation of an administrative console to centrally manage the status of all connected devices. Depending on the size of the company, you can choose Small Office or Enterprise Administration.

A firewall for traffic control, anti-spam for email clients, and a website authentication tool that excludes phishing are provided to prevent malicious programs from entering the Internet. There is a special technology that automatically sends suspicious files for evaluation to the cloud. Suspicious behavior patterns of unknown software register and there is an announcement about it. There is a special tool for the file’s encryption to provide additional protection against ransomware. For running and testing suspicious applications there is a sandbox. To ensure confidentiality, the complete removal of any information is carried out using the Data Shredder. If you need to use another antivirus, it is possible to switch Avast to passive mode while maintaining the availability of functions. Game Mode allows you to prevent pop-up notifications, including system ones, when launching full-screen game clients.