Do We need Advanced Web Shield or Not

Computers have become more vulnerable to malicious attacks due to the increasing complexity and more versatile use of the systems. Hackers can get to the personal data through various holes in protection, even if the user has an antivirus application installed and running. The most obvious weak spot in defense today is the Internet. Thousands of websites and links that can lead to downloading of the harmful software or malware appear every day. Ordinary antivirus programs can usually handle only the viruses that have already reached your computer, therefore have broken through the defense. That is why an advanced web shield is a must have.

What is an advanced web shield?

An advanced web shield is an additional feature of some antivirus applications like for example Avast Antivirus. Most advanced cybersecurity programs included it in the list of their functions for a reason.

As it has been mentioned, browsers are the weak spot in protection of modern computers. Web shield works as a HTTP-scanner and its main purpose is protection of the integrity of the user’s browser. Even though most viruses can be eliminated by antivirus applications after reaching the hard drive, the problem is much more difficult with various spyware and malware. Those types of malicious software can do harm without dropping anything on the hard drive of the computer, so an ordinary antivirus cannot detect them.

How does a web shield work?

  • First of all, it detects viruses before your browser downloads them. The main idea is that this feature prevents malware from ever being installed on your PC.
  • It scans all the websites and links that your browser opens and blocks any browser-based exploits.
  • It protects your computer from any leakage of the personal information through the browser by detecting and eliminating malicious websites.

Is web shield an essential feature for every user?

Some experiments have shown that ordinary advanced antiviruses cannot protect a computer from browser-based exploits. Some spyware worms can get access to your personal data without ever reaching the hard drive. Thus, a web shield guarantees an additional layer of protection that is very useful for today’s standards.

However, even this feature has some drawbacks:

  • It can slow down the performance of your browser, especially if you do not have the fastest computer. Scanning of the websites takes a lot of the computer resources and internet traffic, so be ready to face a slower feedback.
  • The functionality of this additional feature also adds to the price of the programs.
  • Users also report some issues with inability to turn off the web shield because it always turns on automatically. It may be inconvenient for those, who do not need permanent browser protection.


An advanced web shield is an essential feature for a modern internet user. As statistics show, most of the data leakages occur due to the browser exploits because of the inability of ordinary antiviruses to detect modern spyware. That is where a web shield feature has an edge.