Features of Dell Keyboards and Their Competitive Advantages

Features of Dell Keyboards and Their Competitive Advantages - Post Thumbnail

Quality and reliability at a reasonable price are characteristics that apply to all Dell keyboards, despite their variety. The manufacturer is a well-known American company that is increasing its capacity, developing and introducing new solutions into computer equipment, and gaining popularity among users.

Types of Dell keyboards depending on technology and purpose

The device is sold separately or bundled with a mouse, which is more convenient for work. For these purposes, inexpensive models are produced with minimal requests. With the use of additional features, increased comfort, the price of the product rises. The most expensive are gaming ones, which are equipped with backlighting and special functions.

The location of the buttons in these models is convenient for games. Keyboards are divided by device type into the following types:

  • membrane – inexpensive and popular, in which a contact closes when a key is pressed; scissor – used for laptops, they have soft and comfortable keys;
  • mechanical – the most comfortable and expensive, based on a switch with a metal spring and contacts;
  • semi-mechanical – an improved type of membrane, with increased service life. The type of switches determines the strength of the tactile feedback from the buttons, the ability to quickly print, and the durability. There are models with hybrid technology.

Dell keyboards have the following characteristics:

  • Connection type. With a wired connection, communication with a computer is via a USB port or PS/2 connector. A more modern and convenient way is using a radio transmitter, which can be located within a radius of 10 m from the device, or Bluetooth. The issue of the lack of stationary power is solved thanks to the batteries or accumulators built into the keyboard case;
  • Key layout. There are models in which the standard set is supplemented with buttons of different shapes and sizes: for adjusting the volume or controlling the player (pause, rewind). Appointment. There are two large groups: gaming and for PCs, laptops, which include universal models with a standard set of keys. There are variants of special keyboards designed for TVs and media players;
  • Water-resistant. Some types of membrane devices have this convenient function.

The consumer appeal of Dell keyboard

Reliability and practicality are the distinctive features of the technology of the American company. Most popular with inexpensive Dell keyboards that are characterized by quality, usability, and durability. These are models of good build, quiet, often equipped with multimedia keys.

The corporate design of this company is strict straight lines and laconicism without excessive glamor. The manufacturer pays special attention to ergonomics and functionality. The keyboard is comfortable to use thanks to the high-quality material that leaves a pleasant tactile feeling. This is more typical for models of the middle and high price category. If you’re looking to buy a Dell keyboard from an online store, check out the professional options like the Dell KB813 Smartcard. The model features flat, silent keys that allow you to quickly type text. An innovative solution is a built-in smart card reader for authentication. This model cannot be filled with water due to its moisture resistance.