How to Play Switch Games on a Laptop?

How to Play Switch Games on a Laptop? - Post Thumbnail

While Nintendo officially offers to play on the Switch screen or TV screen, there are other solutions, too. Players may choose a laptop over those solutions. Let’s find out how to connect Switch to laptop properly. Read the article to discover several possibilities and choose a suitable one. Keep in mind that you must get several things which might cost you some money.

Everything you require to start

In case you are willing to try an experiment, you’d better buy some equipment beforehand. To attach your Nintendo Switch to a laptop, one needs only the following items:

  • Nintendo dock;
  • An HDMI video capture card;
  • HDMI cable;
  • Software.

You already have some things, but most laptops don’t have a suitable video card. Purchasing one is essential. Let’s take a quick look at every element.

Nintendo dock is the main accessory.

An HDMI video capture card could be used with any gaming device that supports an HDMI output. It serves as an intermediary for a smooth connection with the laptop.

HDMI cable is another essential. You probably have it from the Switch. Most HDMI video capture cards come with one, too. They are both suitable for this mission.

One has to download and install special software for the hardware to work properly. For example, OBS Studio or Elgato Game Capture HD.

Six steps to follow

The procedure is straightforward. It takes only a few minutes. To get started, you must:

  • Disconnect your Switch HDMI cable from the TV;
  • Attach it to the HDMI in port on the video card;
  • Launch the program on the laptop;
  • Turn off the Switch by holding the Home button (on a controller);
  • Attach the capture card and the laptop using the USB cable;
  • Observe how Nintendo Switch appears on the laptop’s screen;
  • You may adjust the screen size and extend it by using the Full-Screen mode.

This simple method allows playing on the laptop the same way you would on TV. There is a dedicated button that allows turning to the full screen. Then you will require neither the touchpad nor the keyboard.

If the program doesn’t detect Nintendo Switch, you should verify the cable is in the right port. There are in and out ones. Choose an In-Port.

Another solution

Are you reluctant to purchase the needed tools and install additional software? There is another option. It’s the simplest yet. Install the PC editions of the Switch games and play them on your laptop. While the selection of options is limited here, it’s not impossible. Purchase the wanted games and play on your laptop without limits or confusing settings. There’ll be no need to buy anything extra like controllers, video cards, or HDMI cables.

Bottom line

When you are eager to try Switch games on a laptop, you now have two relatively simple and convenient solutions. Choose the method you like better and stick to the instructions. You’ll probably have to purchase a high-quality game capture card. The steps described above will help you with the rest.