Laptops with Breathtaking Prices

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People purchase expensive laptops expecting the best features, and they get them. Such laptops may easily be used instead of a high-end desktop because they have powerful components. They serve well regardless of the goal and could be suited for both work and games. Other perks of getting pricey laptops are high-resolution screens, lots of space, powerful processors, etc. Let’s take a quick look at the most expensive laptops available today.

Expensive and powerful

The cost of the laptop could grow due to the components. Those who prefer using the most powerful processors and have plenty of space for all kinds of files should get ready to pay for the latest releases. The laptops in this category are:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad P73. This workstation is the most expensive laptop that currently costs almost $8 000. It comes with a 17.3-inch Ultra-HD IPS with an Anti-glare screen, 128GB RAM, and 4 TB storage. The advantages that users receive with this laptop are perfect colors on the 4K display, server-grade CPU, professional Nvidia GPU, and plenty of space. On the other hand, it’s a big laptop with thick bezels and average speakers. It’s inconvenient to bring with you;
  • Another powerful laptop on the list is Alienware Area 51 M15X. It costs about $5 000 and delivers the best possible gaming experience. The laptop excels in performance but lacks the style. It’s bulky and heavy. Yet, a 2.8GHZ Intel Core-2 Extreme X9000 makes up for it.

Expensive and beautiful

Another reason a laptop is expensive is its uniqueness and design. This list includes models created with leather, diamonds, gold, etc. Some of them are quite average on the inside because they serve a different purpose. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • MacBook Pro 24-Karat-Gold is another expensive model. It combines the latest tech from Apple and gold on the outside. Get ready to pay about $30 000 for such a luxurious device. This model was created once for an anonymous buyer. It comes with the Apple logo made with colorful diamonds;
  • Are you looking for crazy-expensive laptops? How about $3.5 million one? Yes, MJ’s Swarovski and Diamond Studded Notebook costs this much. In this case, it’s not about being powerful. The laptop was created by the Ukrainian art-studio MJ. Black and white diamonds make it expensive, while the internal parts are average. It’s the most expensive laptop ever made.


People want to stand out. They look for all possible ways to show off, as long as the financial situation allows it. So, do not be surprised when you see laptops, which cost millions of dollars.

If you are searching for an expensive laptop with an emphasis on performance, the general appearance might seem less appealing. The price will be lower, too. The most powerful and expensive laptops with top processors, terabytes of storage space, and other latest features will cost up to $8-10 thousand. The best way to buy a cool laptop is to define why you need it and what you plan on doing with it.