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To help start-up entrepreneurs, special platforms have been created that provide information, research, and assistance in all aspects of launching a new project, including communication with investors. The most popular query among startups is where to find an investor in a project. The ideal option is to use your network of contacts and reach the right person on the recommendation of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. If there are no such connections yet, read the article where and how you can acquire them yourself.

Open Educational Resources: Achieving Excellence in Web Solutions

To solve the issue of attracting investments for your project, you should heed the advice of professional investment companies. They have already completed many investment deals in the interests of their clients, adequately assess the chances of attracting investments, and have an effective toolkit for investor relations.

Before you start looking for investors, make sure that you already have a business plan for the project and you know how much investment you need to launch and implement the project and where this money will go. Applying for funding is a daunting step for many, as you may have to face many rejections. For example, offers a convenient channel where you can quickly find a solvent investor. Today, has 13.9 million users, it is the largest startup community in the world, offering exceptional opportunities to attract investors, both for financing a project and as consultants. Another platform,, has already invested $ 1.8 million in various startups.

Much of the tremendous potential of ICTs in the global educational environment come together in open educational resources (OER). A decade after the term OER was first introduced at the Open Source Curriculum for Developing Countries Forum, the OER movement has taken on a new level of development at the UNESCO OER World Congress. With government approval to promote OER, the movement requires countries to ensure that educational materials developed with public funds are also available under open licenses. As countries adopt these policies, they will create a society in which, more than ever, knowledge is the commonwealth of buy side m&a.

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  1. Emphasis on influencing the mentality, behavior, and knowledge of retail investors;
  2. Developing initiatives for practical satisfaction of the needs of retail investors;
  3. Testing initiatives on the target audience;
  4. Development of tools for timely assistance in making investment decisions and their promotion in various ways in order to expand the circle of investors covered;
  5. Sending clear information, adapted to different target groups (for example, inexperienced or more prepared investors), through various channels of public access to information;
  6. Use of interesting content and communication styles;
  7. Creation of instruments corresponding to new technologies and trends in financial markets;
  8. If necessary, the development of proposals for improving financial literacy to complement regulatory measures to enhance impact;
  9. Creation of systems for evaluation and analysis at the initial stage, as well as for evaluating the final results and results.

The problem of choosing a learning platform and ICT providers build on previous more important decisions. However, educational systems should seek independent professional advice in the selection and installation of a learning platform in order to ensure that the systems chosen are appropriate, viable, and cost-effective. These trends will continue until government agencies adapt their corporate structures and processes to the demands of online learning. We are now seeing a reconfiguration of higher education systems: they are splitting into the public sector, which focuses mainly on research.