Your Guide: Toshiba Laptops vs Samsung Laptops

Your Guide: Toshiba Laptops vs Samsung Laptops - Post Thumbnail

Both Samsung and Toshiba laptops have impressive features and an excellent reputation. The companies are well-respected and are known for making no-nonsense models. In case you are looking for a new laptop and can’t decide between these two manufacturers, here we’ll discuss which one is better.

A general overview of Toshiba laptops

About a decade ago, Toshiba used to be the 5th largest laptop manufacturer in the world. Since then, a lot has changed and by 2016, the company completely stopped making laptops for consumer use. Yet, it still works with the business market making Tecra and Portege for different industries.

In 2019, the company rebranded and now makes Dynabook laptops. So, if you see Dynabook Tecra, you’ll know that Toshiba made it.

The current models work on the 8th generation Intel core processors. Its displays are quite ordinary. However, the anti-glare coating is a very appealing factor.

Looking at the design, it’s clear the company focuses on a reserved business style. The laptops, however, remain wide and bulky.

The price tag of such a laptop is higher than you expect. It’s more expensive than many modern competitors. The company makes no gaming laptops, convertible ones, etc. They only serve business markets and do it quite expensively.

A general overview of Samsung laptops

The truth is that the company also moved on from making laptops. It focuses more on manufacturing more advanced tablets, smartphones, etc. However, there are several modern laptop models that impress customers by the power and price tag.

Samsung is known for making high-quality and relatively affordable devices. The laptops are often characterized as perfect for those who are sued to Windows.

Looking at the design, Samsung is a clear winner. The company has always been very particular about optimizing the design and making it look both modern and convenient. Notebook 7 and Notebook 9 lines can easily prove that.

The innovative design lets them be very light and come in several shades.

When we take a look at the components, it becomes clear that this brand can offer a wider variety of options. Depending on the budget, a customer can pick from more basic and cheap elements to the high-end expensive ones.

Innovation is another word often associated with the company. Its laptops never stop getting smarter, faster, more durable, and advanced. The performance, however, could be better. That’s why Toshiba and Samsung have a tie here.


All in all, neither of these brands get to the top of the list with their laptops. While they both make very reliable and long-lasting devices, there are more advanced and popular companies on the market. In case you are sure you want a laptop from one of these companies, you should think about the main things you expect. If you need a very reliable model for your business, take a closer look at Toshiba. After all, it’s the company’s specialty now. In case you want a lighter and more modern version for everyday use, Samsung is likely to be your choice.