How to Choose Stylish Pink Laptop

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No matter how the feminists protested, rejecting any division of the human race into men and women, the process of choosing a laptop is fundamentally different for them. If the overwhelming majority of men plunge into technical details with courage, then many of the fairer sex seems to be completely unnecessary, and when choosing a pink laptop.

The question becomes legitimate: what should be the ideal female companion? There is no definite answer to this. After all, any accessory must meet the requirements and lifestyle of its owner.

Let’s say that the need to purchase a laptop arose for a woman who prioritizes her appearance and the impression she creates in others. Naturally, such a lady will like something that attracts with its femininity and brightness. For example, the Vaio W-series notebooks have a pleasantly rounded shape. Here even the most fastidious can find something to their liking because the color scheme of these devices offers various options: delicate pink, warm chocolate, or innocent white. Also, Vaio underlines the status of its owner. It should be mentioned that the new mini-book comes with nice bonuses: a mouse and a case of the corresponding color.

Variants for any budget

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a smart plastic box, Samsung will come to the rescue with the NC 10 La Fleur model with an original floral pattern. There are fewer color options (black and white) and the processor is slightly worse (Intel Atom N270 with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz), but the price of this netbook is a quarter less than the previous one. The rest of the parameters are practically the same, only the display with a diagonal of 10.2” and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels differs: here it is matte, which testifies in its favor – there will be no glare distracting from work.

The whole palette

If you want a bright holiday every day, then there is another conqueror of women’s hearts: Dell Inspiron Mini 10v. The choice of colors is striking in its variety: blue, red, light green, pink, white, or black. Its technical characteristics are the same as Samsung NC 10 La Fleur, only the resolution of a 10.1-inch glossy screen differs.

Independent choice

This review does not claim to be a complete representation of all laptops on the market that are in one way or another suitable for use by women. Indeed, in addition to multi-colored, with ornate patterns or variegated devices, there are very worthy representatives of the computer fraternity of pink color.

Don’t belittle the lady’s ability to independently figure out all sorts of tires, caches, and other paraphernalia of any computer. But for those who do not want to clog their adorable heads with unnecessary details, it is worth remembering only some of the rules for choosing a productive laptop: RAM by modern standards should be at least 1 GB, a matte display is more pleasant than a glossy one, a dual-core processor is more powerful than one core, and an integrated video adapter is not is no match for integrated graphics, with more dedicated video memory the better.